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Welcoming a new baby into your life is a time of joy and discovery. It can also be a challenging time of transition as roles change and family life begins.

Parental advice can be overwhelming, confusing and conflicting.  At The Moon Clinic, our role is to reassure you and support you in your parenting journey as we believe no one knows your unique and beautiful baby better than you do.

We engage with parents using a holistic evidence-based approach to navigate life with a newborn and beyond.  We offer specialised guidance in areas including infant sleep, unsettled behaviour, feeding problems and parental mood concerns.

Our approach may appear to be the opposite of traditional ‘sleep training’ methods but our philosophy is based on more than 20 years of research and is known as The Possums Program or Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC). 

Research shows this method provides the best possible start for your baby’s developing brain and gut while strongly promoting healthy emotional attachment. This method is also proven to be highly beneficial for parental mental health due to increased sleep and more enjoyment in day-to-day activities with your baby.

About Dr. Alison Mooney

Dr Alison Mooney is an experienced GP and the first NDC accredited practitioner on the Central Coast. 

She is passionate about supporting your parenting journey with a holistic, evidence-based approach to infant sleep, feeding, unsettled behaviour and family well-being.


Newborn preparation

Address common questions or concerns you may have about when your baby comes home.


Unique, evidence-based approach to infant sleep problems that are in line with your parenting values.


We hope to improve any issues you are having with feeding, whether you are breast/bottle feeding or a combination of the two. 

The Unsettled Infant

Having an unsettled baby is not easy and can be highly distressing for parents. 

The Possums Program utilises a holistic, evidence-based approach in a safe, gentle and effective way to help manage crying, fussing and unsettled behaviour. 

Parental Wellbeing

When we have a baby, as part of the adjustment process it is normal to find ourselves noticing difficult thoughts and feelings.

If you have concerns about your mood or overall well-being we would love to help you with some simple strategies to look after your mental health during this transformative period of your life.


We discuss your needs and prescribe as appropriate. 

Dr Mooney is also skilled in implanon and intrauterine device insertion (copper, Mirena, Kyleena).

We welcome your questions and
inquiries and would love to work with your family to guide you through any
challenges or concerns you are experiencing with your baby. 

At The Moon Clinic all appointments are privately billed. 

If you have a Medicare card most consults will attract a rebate but a gap fee will be payable at the time of consultation and will depend on the service provided.

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Please call reception on: (02) 4384 2255
Ask for a one hour initial appointment with Dr. Alison Mooney

Initial appointments are 60 minutes
Follow-up appointments are 30 minutes

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